JMV Paper mart could be the trusted dealer for Two side coated paper


  • Normal papers are rough paper whose surface is not smooth and absorbs much amount of ink when use in printing.
  • That’s why coating on the paper is needed which makes to the papers smooth, shiny and decreases the ink absorption.
  • This type of coating on paper is most popular and generally everywhere using this paper for very effective printing purposes.
  • The demand of this paper is very high as companies using this in their internal documentation and communication purposes too.
  • Our Government also enforcing for documentation in two side printing papers because the quantity of the paper using gets half.
  • Casting and quantity of the paper in documentations gets reduce and the impact of this goes directly to company’s economy.

Coating types:

  • Generally various type of coating present in the market; most of them are as- dull, gloss, matte and satin finish.
  • Dull coating is a type of coating on the papers between matte and glossy depending upon the budget and manufacturers.
  • Dull coating is low glossy whose finishing is very smooth and it printing quality is much effective on the paper.
  • Gloss coating is less expensive than dull and matte coating papers for the paper of same thickness and same quantity.
  • Gloss coating paper absorbs very small ink so that same printing on Gloss coated than others will take less ink.
  • Matte coating is a non-glossy and little sheen coating on paper whose coating looks in flat of the coated papers.
  • Matte coating is a high cost coating because it absorbs ink in very high rate is so cost gets increases.
  • Even the printing looks on the matte coated paper is much excellent and color of printing is vibrant than others.
  • Due to the high rate of ink absorption its effect of printing gives an excellent looks on matte coated papers.
  • A Satin finish gives less shiny printing on the paper so their costing will of course reduced than all others.
  • Shining effects on satin coated paper is always between the gloss coating and matte coating papers so cost varies accordingly.


  • C 2 S papers are famous in the market and generally everywhere using for dual side very effective printing purposes.
  • The demand of two sided coated paper is much more as most of companies using it in their internal documentation.

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