The terms and conditions document includes the following provisions:

  • a licence of the copyright in the website (and restrictions on what may be done with the material on the website)
  • a disclaimer of liability
  • a clause governing the use of passwords and restricted areas of the website
  • an acceptable use clause
  • a variation clause
  • an entire agreement clause
  • a clause specifying the applicable law and the jurisdiction in which disputes will be decided
  • a provision specifying some of the information which needs to be disclosed under the Ecommerce Regulations

Please read the notes accompanying the terms and conditions very carefully. You will of course need to adapt the terms to suit your website and business.

Alternative T&Cs

We publish probably the widest range of website T&Cs documents available in English.  The full range of documents are available both on website-contracts.co.uk (as MS Word documents) and Docular (where they can be edited online and downloaded in a variety of formats, including HTML).  We generally recommend using Docular.

A selection of our website T&Cs documents are listed in the tables below, but we have many more variations on website-contracts.co.uk and Docular.

Free-to-use websites

These are terms and conditions for common types of free-to-use website.