You may get a quality Metalized paper at our paper showroom

Meaning and some specifications of the Metalized papers

  • Its meaning is very clear that metalized means something which contains some or more quantity of the metal in it.
  • So the meaning of Metalized is something mixed with metal, so the metal coating on paper is a metalized paper.
  • Their characteristic is very much different with the other papers because its quality is improved for many of the utilities.
  • Now the paper with a thin layer of metal coating on the surface of paper is generally called metalized paper.
  • In metal coating, a thin layer of metal coat is layered on the sheet of paper at one-side or both-sides.
  • Since the paper weight and effect on sheet shows the quality measures so these points should be focused very impressively.
  • This metal coating can perform on both one side and two sides on the papers depending upon the company’s requirement.
  • Much type of the coated papers is available in the market but JMV Paper Mart provides quality in metalized papers.

The way to change the quality and effect of the papers is a coating on the papers:

  • There are many way of Metal coatings based on the budget size and companies’ requirements; we provide all type’s paper.
  • The coating quality always depends upon the needs of the customers or users; it could be of glossy or matt.
  • Many different companies like cigar, Gutkha, biscuits and others production companies has required these papers to packing many eatable items.
  • Many restaurants that are providing the services of food home-delivery; they need very different coated papers to wrap the foods.
  • Some papers which are of low weight and very soft in touch, they could keep safe more to wrapped items.

There are many types of coatings, some are explained here:

  • Much type of coatings is present in the market; some of them are dull, gloss matte, and satin finish coatings.
  • Dull coating is in between matte and glossy coating depending upon the size of budget and requirement of the manufacturers.
  • Gloss coating is much small expensive than dull and matte coating for the same thickness and the quantity of papers.
  • Matt coatings cost is very high because its ink absorption rate is very high so its cost gets rises up.
  • The shining looks of satin coated paper, when it gets printed are always in between the gloss and matte coating.
  • For the less shiny printing on the papers, we use the satin finish and now costing will of course reduces.

Therefore if you want to get good Metalized paper, you must contact with JMV Paper Mart.