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Key features of various papers:

All papers have their own specific characteristics so that their use differs with each other. The use and budget of all the papers are completely dependent on the importance of the place where it uses. Many times you need much bright printing with nice looks and sometimes you may compromise the quality for low budget. So Papers which is providing a metal coating on them gives a very glossy looks but always a cost effective. Some of the key features are given bellow in the form of their descriptive manner and with some of specifications.

  • Mostly we are using one side or two side coating on papers for make nice effect printings of printing looks.
  • A layered coated paper on any side by metal like steel, aluminum or with plastic is known as Holographic papers.
  • Papers which are coated by the particular material for holographic printing to improve their effect are known as holographic paper.
  • Companies use the number of layers of coating with the metal or plastic on the papers as their own requirements.
  • Holography is different from hologram because hologram is old and manual technique of printing whose effect is not much effective.
  • These papers explores an adversely effects on looks when printed in specific manner that are elaborated bellow with their descriptions.

Holographic papers gives an adversely effect on printing by the quality of pixels as they effected by the color wavelength:

  • The pixels distribution reduces only when using holographic papers in printing since the controlling of ink is increased by this.
  • Controlled printing on their pixel is one of the most sensitive points whose controlling always depends upon quality of paper.
  • Obviously metal coating is always much expensive but the effect of printing gives the worth of printing and the papers.
  • Holographic papers are being printed by using the scattering of light on paper firs and then diffract their constituent colors.
  • Wavelengths of color on these papers are much effective since metal give high effect of the wavelength with the ink.
  • Printing effects give a very attractive looks each times in different form for different color depending on their colors effect.
  • The lighting effects of printing start to rise with the increase of wave length of the colors used on papers.

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