A Good quality Holographic paper in Delhi can be get by Jmv paper mart

  • A paper with the layer of coating by metal like steel, aluminum or with plastic is known as Holographic papers.
  • In general we are using one sided or two sided coating on papers for effective printings to make looks good.
  • Particular papers which are coated by specific material for holographic printing to improve their effect are known as holographic paper.
  • Various printing companies use a single layer of coating with the metal or plastic on the papers as their requirement.
  • This is different from hologram because hologram is old and manual technique of printing whose effect is not so effective.
  • Holographic papers gives an adversely effects on looks when printed in specific manner that are elaborated bellow in descriptive order.

Effect on pixels in Holographic papers:

  • Controls on pixel in printing are one of the most concentric points whose controlling also depends upon quality of paper.
  • The effect of pixels distribution gets reduces when using holographic papers in printing since the controlling of ink is increased.
  • Plastic or metal coating on the papers is usually expensive but the effect of printing shows the worth of printing.
  • It can be done on both one-sided and two-sided coated papers but mostly we use on one sided coated papers.
  • When we use printing on C1 S coated papers, it facilitate in printing procedure and reduce the pressure of machine.

Wavelength of colors:

  • Wavelengths of color in holographic papers are much better because in this we are using metal (mostly aluminum/ steel) coating.
  • If viewed by microscope, effect of printing looks many times in different form for different color depending on colors effect.
  • When the wavelength of color increases, the lighting effects of printing start to raise their printing quality look on papers.

3D effect gets easier:

  • 3D effect can be getting easily when using holographic papers in printing so it’s much latest technology and high demands.
  • The printing on holographic papers are being done by scattering of light on paper and then diffract their constituent colors.
  • Scattering of refracted light completely depends upon the wavelength of the colors used in the printing on holographic papers.
  • Duplication of these types of printed papers is not so easy since their metal coating by wavelength makes it different.

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