C1S Paperboard with shining prints and nice looks

Boards most likely of many types depending upon the use, they may be wooden, plastic or of rough papers too. But each type of board needed some printing on their any surface which is most easy when it’s a paperboard. Mostly Paper board is uses into wrapping the things so needed to print the information only one side of board. The other side will always be hidden, that should be soft to keep safe the things which wrapped in it.

Type of Paper board: There is various type of paper board as we discussed above which depends upon the requirement. Also they should carry some information also printed on it which is most easy even when it’s made of papers. Especially for wrapping purpose board needed to print only one side of the board and the other side is hidden. So these papers which are only one side printed and other side is left generally known as C1S Paper board.

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The variety of C1S paper board always depending upon their use and the size of particular budget initiated to this. Obviously budget always matters with the need their use, like a good looking and shining look needed a coated paper. These coatings also are of various types, we use coatings generally as the requirement of the buyers and their budget. Our company provides all type of C1S papers with coatings and polished as you have ordered to get the papers.

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